Turn a profit finding customers with Facebook Advertising

Advertising for one company at a time does not make sense when you can advertise on behalf of hundreds at a time. In this example, our marketer is tracking an ad campaign for new students interested in an online computer science degree. The OptimalMatch system got her a deal with 18 online schools having computer science programs and willing to pay an effective price of $10 per click. As you can see, the campaign has earned her $530 in the past week spending only about $30.

>> Our Lawyers need new clients.
>> Our Car dealerships need new buyers.
>> Our Doctors need more patients.
>> Our Insurance companies need more clients.
>> Our Online schools need more students.

This is where our marketing team comes in. We have a growing team across the country with varying levels of marketing expertise. They are ready and willing to drive online traffic through facebook, google, and bing to find potential customers for any of these common businesses.

Our system aggregates lead demand across common businesses such that new clients, buyers, patients, and students can be found profitably. This results in a win-win situation for both the marketer and the company needing fresh leads.

Sign up to join our Online Marketing team today! We provide the training, real-time systems reporting, and buyer network to get you paid for the leads that you generate.

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Sara Tynes advertises on behalf of 174 traffic ticket attorneys in 15 states.

Sara is a homemaker with 2 elementary school boys. How does she find the time?

"Before I signed up and began using OptimalMatch, I was checking my facebook page every 10 minutes. One day, I came across a work-from-home ad on facebook and it led me here. Watched a few training videos and paid $50 to facebook...and started the campaigns. Now checking facebook is actually about turning a profit too!

I actually took marketing classes in college and really got into it back then! Being a part of the OMS Marketing team keeps me involved with the latest marketing patterns while I manage the kids." - Sara Tynes, Sarasota, FL, OMS #1920

Find out where the demand is. Create a targeted ad within minutes.

At any given time, a group of businesses offering a common service like Lasik Eye surgery centers or real estate agents need leads. Using the OptimalMatch System Marketing web interface, you can find them....find out how much they will pay for each lead. Lock them into the price and then start targeted ads for where and who their typical customers are. You have access to whole industries that pay anywhere from $3 to $90 per lead! With facebook minimum costs at ~$0.30 per click and $1 daily budgets, you can't afford not to sign up....